Afsar Nawaz

Chairperson, Mustafa Foundation .



An Alumnus of Osmania University and the University of Washington D.C., has excellent academic credentials and exemplary technical skills. Holding a Master’s degree in Science, with an emphasis in Electronics & Computers, in his 20+ years of professional experience, he played an integral role as a leader, for the growth of the organizations’ he worked with. As a core IT professional, Afsar has delivered numerous guest lectures in esteemed institutes like Birla Institute of Technology Science(Dubai), Sikkim Manipal University(Dubai). Having worked in the UAE for 2 decades.

Afsar grew a passion of serving the society through a streamlined channel, and this is when Mustafa Foundation’s expansion came into effect. His goal towards uplifting the weak and underprivileged sects of society, regardless of race, caste, color, creed, or gender keeps him at par in serving humankind. He is a true believer of enabling individuals to be achievers by providing them basic infrastructure which is required to grow in their lives.

Afsar’s vision of Mustafa Foundation is to maximize its reach and improve outcomes, to create long term sustainable models for development, ensuring reliability for both the parties, the benefactor and the beneficiary. Aspiring to lay out strategic partnerships with local institutions that have the technical expertise to undertake various programmes in the identified focus areas of operation.

"Together we can make a Difference"