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About Us

Mustafa Foundation is an NGO based in Hyderabad that works to improve the lives of the most underprivileged and disadvantaged people through programs that address: hunger, homelessness, poverty, education inequity, gender inequality, women empowerment, medical help, emergency responses, skill development, capacity building, and many more issues.

Registered in 2012, Mustafa Foundation has engaged with many young people and provided them with a platform to connect with other socially aware individuals and effect real change in our neighborhoods and communities through our programs as volunteers.

Our multiple programs are based on research and are designed to impact individuals and communities in a sustainable manner. Our programs are also based on the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

The Foundation works for Social Change and Inclusion works for the social development and integration of underprivileged individuals, groups, and communities in Hyderabad, India.
Our work aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty and social isolation and to restore hope for a better future. We believe that every person has the right to access resources and opportunities to live and develop with dignity and become an active and contributing member of our society.


  • To work for the social development of underprivileged individuals, groups, and communities in Hyderabad, India;
  • To encourage healthcare development and health promotion;
  • To provide free funding access to good education for underprivileged students.
  • To assist in the process of social integration and personal realization of underprivileged¬† children, young people, adults, and families;
  • To endorse human rights and in particular the rights of children and young people as well as the rights of underprivileged groups and communities;
  • To encourage and popularise voluntary work


Upholding the dignity of each individual


Adhering to an ethical code of conduct in all actions


Fulfilling our duties and social responsibilities


Setting high-performance standards and being accountable to them